This message is a new teaching on love.  Take it or leave it.  Whether or not this new teaching on love meets your needs will be up to you.  So is whether or not you want to integrate it into your belief system.  I am not going to tell you that I am right and you are wrong or vice versa.  I am only going to offer you a new possibility of thinking about love.  Although I have a great bias towards these teachings, it is still one of many possible ways of viewing love. This new teaching, if applied, can give meaning and purpose for you and those you encounter.  If this is something you need in your life, then read with an open heart, mind, spirit, and soul.  Please share with others how these teachings are helping you and those around you.  Share how you practice these teachings with others.  Sharing ideas will benefit us all.

So why do we need a new teaching on love, especially if the current viewpoints are acceptable for most people?  While the current teachings of love do meet people’s needs, I would like to see our needs being met in a different way.  I do not see the current teachings on love being applied as much as I expect them to be.  It is my hope that a new teaching on love can revive the application of love in every day life, and bring meaning and purpose to all that practice it.  It is also my hope that we can drive out fear in our lives.  I have observed too much fear in the world.  Fear is not in itself a harmful thing as long as we see it as a sign that we have a need not being met.  However, if left unchecked, fear can lead to outward or inward violence, or both.  Human life is too precious for either type of violence to occur.  So let us learn and practice love.  Through the writings and ideas of many respected people, I give you these new teachings on love.

These teachings are not dogma or to be applied as letter of the law.  These teachings are meant to be applied in the spirit of the law.  Please leave room for error, humor, bouts of depression, mystery, suffering, and pleasure.  These are all a part of the journey of life.

I would like to say that I am just as much a student of these teachings and need them as much as those listening.  I am not a perfect student, which shows the difficulty, work and time involved in integrating these teachings into everyday life.  Keep in mind that anything worth doing is a lifetime of work and worth doing imperfectly.

Although I write this as a Christian and cite the Bible a couple of times, it is my hope that anybody from any faith or life outlook can apply these teachings to their lives.

Whenever possible, I have cited my sources to help support my teachings.  My teachers are all around me; family, friends, and strangers have helped me form my viewpoints on love.  I cannot possibly name them all here, primarily because much of my learning was observed in anonymity.  But please know that this is an effort to bring together great teachings into one teaching on love.

I quoted authors that I admire and respect.  This was done out of admiration for their work.  It is my hope that you will pick up their books so you can fully understand the intent of their message.

This web version may seem like a word for word reading of the in print book, but I have added some much needed further explanations of ideas.

When I first wrote this book I was still married and I will explain later how divorce can be a loving action. With that said, I would like to thank my ex-wife for her strength of making things more reader friendly. I would also like to thank my ex-mother-in-law for proofreading the in print book.

And finally I would like to thank the Religion Department at Greenville College that taught between the years of 1996-2000.